Correlation Trading


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During the last few years there has been a virtual explosion in the distribution of ETF’s, options, and other derivatives. This makes pair trades much easier to find and to  execute.

This website is dedicated to the gathering and distributing of data, strategies, and any other information which will aid the Correlation Trader in the search for greater profits while assuming much less risk.

Since Correlation Trading is new to many Stock Market Investors and Traders, we have selected various spreadsheets, charts,videos, and written articles to  help explain the concept .

To summarize, the ideal condition for the Correlation Trader is to find a market neutral position with  two securities (preferably from the same family) which track the same trend line over a long period of time, with frequent deviations.

We invite our readers to let us know of their  experience or interest in Correlation Trading (whether you are trading stocks, ETFs, or options ).

We offer a free ETF CALCULATOR to provide information based on three year historical data of SPY vs many of it's correlated securities.

Our ETF CALCULATOR instantly compares more than 1000 combinations of actively traded ETF’s and has over 8000 accompanying charts. Many of these ETF’s have actively traded options. For more details see--------Video

We invite you to download our ETF calculator and experiment with it and send us your comments to let us know how it can be used to help you with developing and back-testing your trading strategies or how the calculator can be improved.

Download  ETFCalculator>>>>>>>>>ETFCalculator

Download our VixNavigator and Backtester->>>---Here

All you need is Excel in order to run the calculators.

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